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Scrape Facebook and more with the click of a button.
The data will automagically appear in your Google Sheets.

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Scrapely is a Chrome Extension that makes it really easy to scrape Facebook, ProductHunt, Quora, Twitter and more.

You need no technical knowledge: just install it, click a button and the data will appear in Google Sheets.

Try it out now, it's free.


Scrapely Premium

Scrapely Premium might be something for you, if you
want to scrape more than 512 rows at a time and you want to scrape not only Facebook, but also ProductHunt, Quora and Twitter.

Scrapely Premium is available for USD 9.99/mo from the Google Chrome Webstore.



Scrapely started out as an internal tool for all the growth marketers at The Growth Revolution, but we soon realised other people can benefit from a tool as this one. That's why we released it on the Chrome Web Store.

General Guide

Concerning support:

In the beginning we offered support through messenger.
That was necessary as Scrapely was/is a very experimental tool and broke a lot (we know). However, for every 10 messages we received, only 1 message was an actual problem with Scrapely not working. Most of the growth hackers were smart enough to figure out errors, and solve problems themselves. But the other 9 messages were about how to get the email addresses or it was a question that was explained in the guide below. Not only that, but people in the last group even started leaving bad reviews because we didn't want to hold their hand all the time. That's why we made the decision to have no official support channel anymore.

If you're having a real problem you are of course still free to contact us, but please read the guide first.

Walkthrough Video

This video was recorded when Scrapely was just released, so it might look a bit different from the current version.

Downloading Scrapely

First, let's start with installing Scrapely from the Google Chrome Web Store. Scrapely is a freemium Chrome Extension, so it uses Chrome Web Store Payments to let you pay for a premium account. CWSP is only available in the following countries:

More info about the regions here

If you're in an unsupported country, or for some other reason Google thinks you're in an unsupported country, you can use a VPN such as TunnelBear.

Setting up the Google Sheet

Head over to your Google Drive and create a new Google Sheets file. When it's created, copy the Google Sheets URL.

The Google Sheets URL starts with: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/...

Then click on the Scrapely icon in your Chrome Toolbar. A popup like this should pop open:

Make sure you log in with the account you used to create your Google Drive.

As soon as you are logged in, you should see this:

Make sure you log in with the account you used to create your Google Drive.

In the first text input you paste the full URL you just copied. In the second text input you write a name for the new tab where Scrapely will put all the scraped data in.

When everything is filled out, click on the purple "+" button to create the new tab that appeared. It'll start spinning right round, baby, like a record baby, right round round round. Make sure you use the same account you used to create your Google Sheets file (otherwise click on "Log in with a different Google account"). If you log in with a different account that has no access to your Google Drive, no data will be written away and you'll see errors during the setup.

If everything went smooth, it should look like this.

Let's start scraping

We're ready for some serious scraping. Right now (22 dec 2017) Scrapely can scrape:

  • Members of Facebook Groups
  • People who like a Facebook Page
  • People who work at a Facebook Page
  • Topic followers of a Quora topic
  • Upvoters of a ProductHunt post
  • People who are following a Twitter account
  • People who are followed by a Twitter account

A scraping button will only be enabled when these conditions are fulfilled:

You want to scrape Condition
Members of FB Group facebook.com/groups in URL
Likers of FB Page No URL condition, refresh page if it's not enabled on a FB page
Employees of FB Page No URL condition, refresh page if it's not enabled on a FB page
Followers of Quora topic quora.com/topic/.../followers in URL
Upvoters of Producthunt post producthunt.com/posts/... in URL
Twitter account followers twitter.com/.../following in URL
Twitter account following twitter.com/.../following in URL

Head over to one of these things you'd like to scrape. Click on the Scrapely button in your Chrome toolbar and click the button you want to scrape. If everything went according to plan, it should start scraping and you'd see a counter going up. Head back to the Google Drive sheet and click on the newly created tab in the bottom. If you are premium, data will be pushed in batches of 100 or once the limit (512 rows) is reached if you're on the trial.

Is premium not working for you?

Are you sure the account you used to log in with in Scrapely is the same account you used to get premium? If you used a different account, click "Log in with a different Google account" part and log in with the account you used to get premium.

The latest in Scrapely land.

To stay as transparent as possible, you can find more information about every update here.
And things that are coming!


What's coming up

  • Scrape Instagram followers
  • Scrape Instagram following
  • Scrape ProductHunt RELEASED IN VERSION 1.0.0
  • Scrape Quora RELEASED IN VERSION 1.0.0
  • Scrape Twitter RELEASED IN VERSION 1.0.0

V 1.0.0: THE BIG ONE 🎉

  • Huge refactoring: Scrapely is rebuilt from the ground up and is now more stable, more robust and even faster.
  • To celebrate the new version, Scrapely can now:
    • Scrape Facebook groups
    • Scrape Facebook pages (likers and employees)
    • Scrape Producthunt upvoters (requires premium)
    • Scrape Quora topic follower (requires premium)s
    • Scrape Twitter followers and following (requires premium)
  • New layout changes making it more clear and user-friendly to use.
  • Data is pushed to Google Sheets in batches of 100 if you're premium. For trial users it's pushed once (at 512 or less).

V 0.2.2

  • Solve the missing first and last names with the scraping of Facebook Groups.

V 0.2.1

  • Solve the problem with batch scraping and the "fake" 200 error.

V 0.2.0

  • FB page scraping now works in batches, to limit the requests to the Google Sheets API.

V 0.1.5 (skipped 0.1.4)

  • Refactored FB page & event scraping algorithm, to make it more reliable and faster.
  • Made errors more readable.

V 0.1.3

  • Added push notifications, to keep you up to date on changes